Not Guilty Verdict of a Felony Drug Posession charge, Hillsborough County Florida
Not Guilty Verdict of a Felony Habitual DUI charge, Hillsborough County Florida
Dismissal of a Grand Theft Auto charge, Pinellas County Florida
All charges dropped after an assault arrest, Pinellas County Florida.
Dismissal of Grand Theft, Pinellas County Florida
Dismissal of Burglary, Grand Theft, Pasco County Florida.
Client arrested for Kidnapping and Assault, all charges dropped, Sumter County.
These Results are recent results. We take the fight to them. If you feel that you have a pending indictment, or were just arrested, call us today. We also do pre indictment work. Let one of our experienced criminal defense attorneys work for you. We accept all major credit cards and offer payment plans.
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