Dear Motorcycle Riders:
We have had the honor of representing many involved in motorcycle accidents in the past and hope to continue in the future. We want to offer some advice on what to do when involved in a motorcycle accident where you are injured.
Because there is NO PIP (Florida No-Fault Laws) available for someone on a motorcycle under Florida Statutes, we advise all of our motorcycle clients to carry Medical Payments Coverage (Med Pay) as much as possible. It is also recommended that you carry STACKED uninsured motorist coverage on your Autos and Motorcycles. This coverage can assist in your recovery from your injuries if the person that hit you had little or no insurance. Stacked combines coverages and limits allowing greater insurance benefits and payouts.

You hear on TV, radio, and in print, do not contact the insurance company. Well, this may not actually be in your best interest. If you are not at fault, you need to know what are their limits of liability for bodily injury liability. If the person who hit you has low limits, there is nothing stopping you from calling the insurance company directly and getting that bodily injury check issued directly to you. In most cases with significant injuries, the insurance company of the other driver WANTS to hand you the money. This generally takes very little effort on your part. There are 2 questions to ask the insurance company when you call, what are the bodily injury insurance limits, and when are you delivering my check for the policy limits. If there is a small limit, for example $25,000.00 or less, they will generally cut you that check once you make the phone call and prove your injuries.
If you have a problem getting bodily injury money that is available, give us a call. No need for us to take a fee on something you could get yourself with little to no work.
We have had issues fighting in court because drivers of motorcycles do not call their auto insurance providers and inform them of a purchase of a motorcycle. Insurance is nothing more than a contract. You need to know that in every contract for insurance there is usually a clause where you MUST report any new vehicle within 30 days of purchase. Failing to inform your insurance company could result in cancellation of coverage and loss of all your insurance benefits. Call our office with any questions you may have. We will happily assist you whether or not we are getting paid.
We have partnered with Florida Bikers Helping Florida Bikers and others to get the awareness of Motorcycle Safety and attempt to educate the Motorcycle Community of their legal rights. We are here to assist you in whatever you need. God forbid you are in an accident, but if you are, know your rights. Get the right insurance coverage to assist you, and trust your local attorney for good advice.
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